50-50 RAFFLE
Pot size:  $220.00
Winner:   Victoria and Deb Greel the winning tickets.

SOLD TO:  Donna Reardon
SOLD BY:  Jane Stirgwolt

Beth Tobin was a guest of Deb Greel.

Elliot Isen was a guest of Jason Consalvo.

Jason Consalvo is excited about the Patriots!
John Neely has tickets to Phoenix...February 28th.

The Rotary Auction will be held on March 27th.  There will be a special tribute to Juli, who will be leaving for the west coast.
The Polar Plunge will be held on January 31, 2015 in Gloucester.  Please see the flyer for all the information.  Polar Plunge 2015
Last year our club achieved 100% participation with our donations to the Rotary Foundation.  As you know, Rotary International uses the funding for great causes throughout the world, and in three years, 50% of your donation comes back to our district to be invested in local causes through the district grant process!
You can make a donation in three ways:
  • Bring in payment next week and note it is for a donation to the Rotary Foundation
  • Ask Patty Pace or Tim Clarke timfclarke@aol.com to send you an invoice for this contribution
  • Go online and make a payment directly:  https://rotary.org

Happy birthday to Trip Mason on January 21st!

This week's guests were Roxanne Ruppel and Laura Flemming.  Roxanne practiced physical therapy, and then joined the Strategy & Planning Dept. of North Shore Medical Center.   She worked on the new site of the Mass General North Shore site in Danvers in 2009.  She is currently a Senior VP there.
Partners Group has 7 hospitals, 2 academic medical centers, 6 ambulatory care centers, a specialty physicians hospital, plus the North Shore Physicians Group.
North Shore Medical Center (NSMC) has locations in Salem and Lynn.  They are planning to combine some services.  Lynn has 119 beds, while Salem has 280 beds.  North Shore Physicians Group has 11 primary care offices.  The Danvers site has a cancer center, and day surgery/outpatient care.  Because of the cost of health care, they are trying to move from a "fee for service" payment system to a patient-centered global system.  NSMC employs approximately 5,000 workers, and 500 physicians. 
Roxanne traveled to Seattle to the Virginia Mason Medical Center (VMMC).  They are partnering and working together to learn new methods of managing health care systems.  VMMC has used a management model from Toyota Production Systems (TPS).  TPS themes for management are:
  • Define values from the customers' perspectives
  • Remove waste and identify value
  • Pursue perfection
This equation for success from TPS is Q = A X (O + S)/W
Q = Quality
A = Appropriateness
O = Outcome
S = Service
W = Waste
Roxanne said that engaging leadership, building capacity, creating infrastructure, and applying the given methods will provide sustainable results.  The major theme is to reduce waste in all areas, i.e. time and inventory.  The TPS value standardization works to make things easily reproduced and measured.  They use a value called "stream mapping."  It documents time and waste, and links and addresses areas where things could be better.  It lets the people who do the work, improve the work.  The workshop for the learning of this process is 4 1/2 days long.  There are three value streams to the process:
  • Daily unified plan of care - all caregivers track cohesively for the patient's care
  • Elimination of catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI)
  • ED admission to inpatient streamlining from emergency room to admission - it was approximately 8 hours, now admission time is approximately 3 hours