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Meeting 2-26-19
50-50 RAFFLE
Pot Size:  $727.00  Kathie Strout and Claire Kallelis had the tickets, but there were no winners this week.

    SOLD BY: Joe Amico  
      SOLD TO: Anthony Roman   

Carrie Francis-Cabot, Executive Director of the Salem Education Foundation was a guest.
Salem High School Rotaract members, Sophia Kapoglis and Lily Jerzylo were guests.

Kara McLaughlin went on a college hunting trip and visited both DC and Charleston.
Rob Lutts visited Naples, FL and enjoyed the slightly higher temperatures.
Randy Burba visited his sister and nephew in Los Angeles.
Viktoria Talebian was taking her kids to Cancun for school vacation but the terrible weather turned a five night stay into only three nights. She is now vowing to never plan another winter trip!
Bruce Whear sadly informed us that the show at Marblehead Little Theater- To Kill a Mockingbird – received a cease and desist letter right before the show was going to open because their show was too close to the Broadway show in NYC.
Jane Stirgwolt spent a weekend in Boulder with Hazel.
Joe Amico mentioned a great multi-faith event happening in Salem.
Chris Casey met up with friends in Spokane, WA and went to British Columbia for a back country ski trip. There were ten guys on his trip and this is his third time.
Rick Jakious and his wife were ecstatic to get their boys, Phineaus and Atticus, to King Pine Ski so they could sneak off to Canada and eat poutine while sitting in spa.
Jason Cansalvo suggests a visit to Eataly when in downtown Boston and hungry for Italian specialties.
Gerrit Bradley mentioned (awkwardly) his daughter Eleanor wanted to celebrate her 18thbirthday with a Carvel Cookie Puss cake.
Carrie Cabot of Salem Education Foundation hoped some of us will join them for the student spelling bee as well as the upcoming adult spelling bee fundraiser on Saturday, March 16that the Salem YMCA.
Bill Henning said it was now OK to look at Thomas’ Facebook page and like his travel pictures.

High School Rotaractors Sophia Kapoglis and Lily Jerzylo announced that they are starting a club at the high school. Their initial meeting had 40 kids attend. The kids are attracted to Rotaract for the ability get service requirements completed. Their proposal is to create bi-lingual Little Free Libraries to be located at several locations around town.
Rob Guilmartin was introduced by Jason Cansolvo as a new Rotarian. Welcome Rob! And woe to those who don’t introduce themselves and sign his book… 
Rinus said the LifeBridge meal prep evening will be augmented by the Sounds of Music. Sounds great!
Rinus also said April 30th will be a joint meeting with the Salem Chamber of Commerce. 
May 30th is the Senior Prom.
The annual Rotary auction will be held April 5th.  Beverly Bank and North Shore Bank were our first sponsors!
New member orientation guides will be published utilizing a grant we received.
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Happy birthday to:
Rocky Pelletier - February 29th!
John Fisher - March 1st!

Our local Rotary here in Salem has an international reach, and Rinus had several members revisit our connection to Rotary’s international mission. Rinus started by saying how supporting education and growing local economies is a driving tenet of Rotary. He described the DDF fund and how ½ the money that goes out internationally eventually comes back to Salem in grants.
Chris Casey discussed Friends Forever which is a program that brings youth together in troubled regions to create leaders that break down barriers. It was started local by a Rotarian and the main campus is in Portsmouth, NH. In July the Protestant and Catholic kids from Northern Ireland will visit. In October kids from Israel -both Jewish and Palestinian, come to experience the workshops.
Randy Burba is involved with 1,000 Smiles in Jamaica, a program that the Salem Rotary provides a grant to, and individual Rotarians also give to this cause. The program provides desperately needed dental services to Jamaicans. There are only 200 dentists in a population the size of Manhattan – and only four oral surgeons. Everyone donates their time – Randy makes sure to sign up early so that he can participate because it is such a popular and rewarding program. It is the favorite week of the year for him and his wife. The program is now expanding to St. Lucia and Grenada.
Jason Consalvo and Francesco Sabelli shared their experience with the Polar Plunge. Through Jason and Francesco’s efforts they raised almost $1500 to fight polio. This year’s Polar Plunge raised in total $90,000 and there were 170 participants. It takes 14 cents to administer a vaccine and about $3 to provide full polio protection for a child. They estimate the 16 million children are not paralyzed from the work Rotary International does. As an aside, Jason suggested surviving the Polar Plunge involves having your towel handy, be able to run quickly, and be able to enjoy brandy. Francesco said that height, or lack thereof, was an advantage when registering a plunge! Thanks again to Jason and Francesco for taking a dip for the team.

Some upcoming meetings will feature:
3/5/19 -  Bill Henning and Thomas will speak
3/12/19 - Committee meetings
3/19/19 - Introduction to SeaGrass – Chip Tuttle will be the speaker
4/30/19 - Joint meeting with the Salem Chamber of Commerce - Senator Joan Lovely will be the speaker 

Please email all announcements to be added to The Spoke to by noon on Wednesday.  Also, feel free to contact any of the committee members listed below.

Committee Chairperson and Editor:  Dave Wescott

Committee Members:  Julie Arrison, Gerrit Bradley,Scott Grover, Rick Jakious, and Patty Pace
Photographer:  Trip Mason