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50-50 RAFFLE
Pot size:  $375.00
Winner:   Liz Bradt and Patty Pace picked the matching tickets.  Liz was a winner!.


Elliot Isen was a guest of Jason Consalvo.
Adam Walsh was a guest of John Walsh.

Jason Consalvo proposed a $10 a day pool for guessing what day the snow finally melts.
Brenda Smith will be teaching at Salem State.
Patrick Langmaid paid a fine for mentioning Jeff Holloran's suit.
Randy Burba is on the Board of Directors of the American Cosmetic Dental Association.
John Fisher went to Utah skiing at Deer Valley with his daughter.
Viktoria Talebian thanked Juli and Walt Lederhaus for meeting her Saturday at Dim Cafe in Chinatown.  Viktoria brought candy for everyone....guava candy.  This is the year of the goat!
Viktoria also thanked Mark Shaw for last week's RI talk.
Chris Casey went to  Paris and then Hawaii, celebrating his wife Sharon's 50th birthday.
Chris also gave many thanks to Viktoria for heading up the speaker committee.
The Lifebridge dinner was again a great success!

The Rotary Auction will be held on March 27th.  There will be a special tribute to Juli, who will be leaving for the west coast.
The ad book, that is bigger than ever,  is almost done.  About 8 to 9 Rotary members have purchase a table.  Please bring in wine, a raffle ticket, and/or bottle of scotch.
Claudia hopes people are putting ads in the auction book!
Patty Pace announced we are having a Spring dance for seniors on April 9th.  Ken Rothwell will be catering the event, and Dave Eng will provide the flowers.
Because Gloucester is using the beach for snow disposal, the Polar Plunge has been rescheduled again to April 11th.
The Polar Plunge will be held on April 11th, 2015 in Gloucester.  Please see the flyer for all the information.  Polar Plunge 2015

Happy birthday to Bill Kielbasa on March 6th!

This week's speaker was DA Jon Blodgett.  Jon recognized the importance of service organizations, such as Rotary, in the community.  He spoke to us about the problems of heroin use and about cyber crime.
Heroin is still a major problem.  It is a danger to young people and the family unit, and to future generations to come.  He is working to raise awareness of the heroin problem.  In 2013, there were 66 heroin deaths 2014, 145 deaths.   From January 1st -February 28th of this year, 32 people have already died from a heroin overdose.   There is a ripple effect in the families from these deaths, affecting not only the addict, but other family members as well.
Jon next spoke about the influx and increase of cyber crimes.  Cell phones can be very dangerous regarding these types of crimes.  There are three prominent types of cyber crimes - financial trickery, harassment, and violence/sexual assault.
Financial trickery is devastating to the senders of funds that are scammed of their life savings.  A man in Methuen received an email that looked like a law enforcement agency was informing him that is grandson was in jail for drug trafficking.  The bail was $25K.  The man wired the money to the entity.  He received a call saying that they also found a gun in the grandson's card, and they wanted him to send another $20K.  He sent that as well.  He received another call requesting more money, but the teller at the bank caught on to the scam, and refused him any more withdrawals.  The man had sent about $65K out of his $85K life savings.   The IP address of the thief was tracked to Pennsylvania, then to California, where he was eventually arrested!  So, if you get a solicitation that is questionable, call the police. They can help!
Harassment is another way people are damaged by cyber crime.  A couple in Andover was harassed by one of their neighbors.  The neighbor filed false claims of child abuse against the couple, and also used their telephone number to falsely advertise "free golf cards" and the sale of a Harley Davidson.  After 6 months of being harassed, the couple was on the brink of emotional breakdown.  Again, the IP address of the aggressor was used to solve the case.  The individual got committed jail time for his actions.  He appealed the case, but the conviction was upheld in State court.
Cyber violence/sexual assault is when young people are groomed for crimes of sexual violence.  A person of interest described as a "15 year old boy" was talking to a 14 year old girl in North Andover over the internet.  When the girl went to meet "the boy", it turned out he was a grown man.  The man had groomed the young lady learning everything about her.  The police set up a sting with an undercover detective to try to catch the man.   The man ran upon being caught, which led to a 100 mile an hour chase.  When they finally caught him, they found a tarp, video camera, knives, and handcuffs in his trunk.
These are the successful cases, unfortunately, there have been many that were not successful.  It is important that parents and those in the community work with schools, and are careful with all phone use.  Also, talk to your kids regularly!

The speaker for next week, March 10th will be Mike Stare from Spectrum Fitness.
Upcoming speakers:
  • March 17th - Randy Burba will speak about his service trip
  • March 24th - Linda Saris from LEAP for Education
  • March 31st - Alyse Barbash from Haven for Hunger
  • In the spring, the Mayor will make her yearly visit to update us on what is happening in the City.
  • May 12th - Scholarship awards will be held at the PEM, East India Room

Please email all announcements to be added to The Spoke to by noon on Wednesday.  Also, feel free to contact any of the committee members listed below.

Committee Chairperson and Editor:  Dave Wescott
Photographer:  Trip Mason

Committee Members:  Patrick Langmaid and Joanne Scott