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This week at rotary...


This week at Rotary the DEI and Membership Committee presented a new membership proposal called the Service Membership Pilot Program. The goal obviously is to increase membership by providing a more flexible membership option. This program would have a start up fee of $200. Other dues and fees include $50 for quarterly Rotary and District Dues and $25 annually to Rotary International. Service Members would attend one meeting or event per month and be charged for the event. Qualifying events include lunch meetings, evening meetings, fellowship events, and Rotary fundraisers. They must also assist with one service project per month. We as a club need to expand service project options going forward.
Rotarian Participation Forms for the auction were distributed today. Online versions are available on the website (or will be soon). Scott Grover encouraged all Rotarians to attend and to invite guests. A reminder that the auction will be May 11. The deadline for auction items and donations is April 11. 
The Scholarship Committee is meeting several times over the next few weeks, with the first of these meetings scheduled for April 24. The goal is to get the ball rolling. Checks will likely be given out at our May 30th Rotary meeting. We still only have one applicant at this time, so be sure to spread the word. There are also discussions about increasing the award amount recognizing Salem High School CTE award recipients. Speaking of the CTE program, there is an upcoming Career Fair on April 22. 
We are volunteering at the Salem Pantry on the morning of April 21 in preparation of the opening of the new storefront. Contact Jen Close if you are interested. Thank you notes were received from both the North Shore Education Consortium and from CTE Director Mario Souza thanking the Salem Rotary for our donations.
Funds Allocation voted to donate $500 to both NAGLY and the North Shore Concert Band. The Salem Rotary is also giving money to helping Salem Police who take on the expense of housing the homeless on cold nights. We are working with the department to determine how to address the issue of homelessness in the city. 
Mike McLaughlin spoke about his meeting as Assistant Governor at the PETS training for incoming presidents. He spoke highly of the event. Next year's slogan will be "Create Hope for the World" and the president will be a dentist from Edinburgh. Be sure to floss daily before the new president takes office. Mike also gave an update on polio stating that, if trends continue, polio could be wiped out.
Baseball winner this week was Mike McLaughlin who has been tasked with sitting with our newest member, Ashley Tina, and talking about why he joined Rotary. Ashley Tina of the Good Witch of Salem was officially welcomed as the newest member of the Salem Rotary. Welcome aboard!
The five new Board of Directors as selected by the Salem Rotary are:
  • Gerrit Bradley
  • Adria Duijvesteijn
  • Scott Grover
  • Ryan Guilmartin
  • Rinus Oosthoek
Best of luck to all!
Bob Anthony Had a Birthday!!
A gentle reminder that next week's meeting will be an evening meeting at the Real Pirates of Salem beginning at 5:15. Invitations have been sent out to nearly 100 nearby businesses. 

Mark Shaw "Attending" Rotary


You can now pay for your 50/50 Raffle tickets and Happy Dollars with your credit card. There will be a nominal fee for raffle tickets. Thanks to Doc for getting us one of those cool Toast devices!

VisIting Rotarians & Guests

Tyler (not Taylor) Haines once again attended as a guest 

CAlendar winner!

Beth Brady sold by Jane Stirgwolt

50:50 Raffle


Kristen Armstrong played and lost twice



Dear Friends, Fans, and Loved Ones of John,
Many of you have heard that our Dad had a stroke about 3.5 weeks ago and has been in the hospital.  We wanted to send an update since we now have a better sense of what's going on and next steps.  Here's the run down.
John had a stroke on February 18 or 19.  Because it didn't present classically, he didn't end up in the hospital until a week later.  In the past 3 weeks his cognitive function has improved, as has his memory.  That said, he can be confused about things, though getting more aware that he is confused.
He is also in end-stage heart failure.  There were some possibilities for treatment for that, but all plans have been halted because of the cognitive deterioration.  He's hoping he can improve so those options return.  We are too, of course.
At the same time of all of this, Candace, his partner (Christine, our mom and his wife, passed away 6.5 yers ago), had an orthopedic surgery and then got an infection, so she has been down for the count too.
John moved to a skilled nursing facility in Utah yesterday (Meadow Peak is Taylorsville), the same one where Candace is located, so that he can have some intensive cognitive therapy for his best shot at recovering function.  If anyone wants to call (or visit!), he would love that.  We got his cell phone back up and running (617-233-8176), but if he doesn't answer that, he can be reached at 801-948-1049.
We're thinking with him about what makes sense for a next steps and will let you all know what we all decide.  From my conversations with him over the past couple of days I know that he is thinking a lot about the people in his life and that he would love to hear from you all.   
Please feel free to forward this to anyone else.
Lots of love,
Abby, John, and Will
Jason Consalvo was a proud papa as Harrison played piano at the gorgeous Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport. Harrison said he played the wrong key but Jason did not catch it, likely because he was busy talking to someone.
Gerrit Bradley had no bird report. He double checked the properties up north which were hit by the storms last week. He saw BRUCE this week who apparently is still Rockin in the Free World. 
Liz Bradt was recently elected chair of the Salem democratic committee. 

Club Announcements and events

March 28 5:30-7:30
Real Pirates of Salem Museum
We will be having a meet and greet at the Real Pirates of Salem Museum. This will be the next evening meeting of the Salem Rotary. Snacks will be served. 
April 15
Details on this event are still to be determined, but we will be doing something
April 22
Burlington Marriot
On Saturday, April 22, 2023, Rotary Districts 7890, 7910, and 7930 will come together at the Burlington Marriott for a 3 District Conference with Keynote Speaker Evan Burrell.  Suggestions: 
1. Watch the short promotional video below. 
2. Register before the March 1st early-bird deadline.
Spring Into Action
May 11
Hawthorne Hotel
Stay tuned. We will have much more for you in the coming weeks! SAVE THE DATE!
June 27 5:30-8:30
Peabody Essex Museum
Melbourne, Australia
Register here for this amazing event down under!
At Rotary, we understand that cultivating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture is essential to realizing our vision of a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change.
We value diversity and celebrate the contributions of people of all backgrounds, across age, ethnicity, race, color, disability, learning style, religion, faith, socioeconomic status, culture, marital status, languages spoken, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity as well as differences in ideas, thoughts, values, and beliefs.
Recognizing that individuals from certain groups have historically experienced barriers to membership, participation, and leadership, we commit to advancing equity in all aspects of Rotary, including in our community partnerships, so that each person has the necessary access to resources, opportunities, networks, and support to thrive.
We believe that all people hold visible and invisible qualities that inherently make them unique, and we strive to create an inclusive culture where each person knows they are valued and belong.
In line with our value of integrity, we are committed to being honest and transparent about where we are in our DEI journey as an organization, and to continuing to learn and do better.
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John Fisher
March 1
William Kielbasa
March 6
Robert Anthony
March 17
Upcoming Speakers
Mar 28, 2023 5:00 PM
Evening meeting!
Apr 11, 2023
Apr 18, 2023
Acting Mayor Bob McCarthy - Legislative Luncheon Series with the Salem Chamber #3
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Spring Into Action Dinner & Auction
The Historic Hawthorne Hotel
May 11, 2023 6:00 PM
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