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Long-time friend of Bruce Whear, Dave Riemer joined us from Berkley, California. He shared how storytelling is a business leader’s secret weapon. He used the coronavirus as an example of how a story can change behavior. Prior to the beginning of March, we knew that there were roughly 117,000 cases of the coronavirus and over 4,000 deaths worldwide but did not change our behavior. On March 11, the story changed when actor Tom Hanks announced that he and his wife Rita had the virus, NBA star Rudy Gobert was identified as patient zero for the league, and the World Health Organization named the virus a pandemic. The next day behaviors began to change throughout the United States.
Dave asked Rotarians to share a crisis story. Kristen shared a story about how she thought her children were missing when she returned home after a work event (they were not, thank goodness!). Gerrit shared a story about how his father was airlifted out of the rainforest by helicopter due to a health issue while hiking with the family in New Zealand (he was also ok). Dave then reviewed the facets of good storytelling, including the degree to which details are shared and how to keep the plot moving. A good story paints a picture that brings the story to life while bringing people into the story and keeping it moving. Dave noted that you need a good story to tell a good story and that elements of a good story include a protagonist, intention, obstacle and solution. This can be used to tell stories in business as well.
To develop a good business story, you need to identify the customers, insights, problems and solutions and combine that with a clear message that makes sense and touches your audience. This can be done with a storyboard. He shared an example of WaterAid, a product in Bangladesh. The storyboard elements were customer; insight; problem definition; value proposition; how it works; and context/setting. Dave shared that you’ve won your audience when they remember what you said, because you’ve touched them; they are compelled by what you said, because it made sense; and they understand what you said, because it was clear. Other good storytelling tips help romance the problem. They are finding the emotional hook; getting personal; bringing the customer in the room; telling purposeful anecdotes; picking the right, and limited number, of data points; and the rule of three (describing how the product works in three ways).
Dave closed by saying, “You have a great story when everyone wants to tell it!”

VIsiting rotarians & Guests

The Club welcomed Siddhartha Shah for his first meeting as an “official” Salem Rotarian!


Marie Cardillo
Sold By: Marie Cardillo

rotarY Minute

Doc Eisner announced that the ballots went out for the Board of Directors election via surveymonkey. Each member should vote for at least 10, but no more than 10, individuals. The top 10, with the most votes, will become the Nominees for the Board of Directors. A final election will be held at the annual meeting based on the 10 nominees from this election. The top 5 individuals, with the most votes from the annual meeting election will earn a two-year term on the Board of Directors for 2021-2022 and 2022-2023.

RotarIAN NEWS...

  • Tim Clark thanked Marie for a wonderful “Evening in Paris” event which exceeded his expectations.
  • Bruce Whear offered to pay $5 to the Club if Gerrit wears his “Evening in Paris” outfit to a future meeting. Jason and Tim agreed to pay the same.
  • Leslie Levesque said that an EarlyAct student’s grandparents donated $3,000 to their Club, and they are looking for projects and ideas for funds allocation.
  • Rich Eisner played in a golf tournament with Jason Consalvo.
  • Gerrit Bradley shared that his daughter learned how to split logs over the weekend.
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Nov 24, 2020
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Club Announcements

Inspirational Quotes Wanted!
We're looking for inspiration! Please email Adria if you would like to share a quote to start our meeting.
Turkey Collection – Through the generosity of our members, we have collected $1300 in donations to support the North Shore Moving Market’s efforts to feed those in need on Thanksgiving. THANK YOU for your generosity!! 
Calendars – Gerrit gave an update on the raffle calendars. The file went to the printer and they should be available next week. The calendar committee will figure out how to distribute the calendars to members.
DCF Holiday Event – The DCF Holiday event will take place on Saturday, December 5. It will be a drive through event at the Kernwood Country Club. Volunteers are still needed to staff tables with treats and small gifts that cars will visit on the way up to the carport where families will be greeted by Santa and his elf and receive gifts. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Adria.

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November 5
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November 10
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November 23
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November 25
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November 27
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