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50-50 RAFFLE
Winner:    No winner this week.

SOLD TO:   Ginny Riley
SOLD BY:   Mark Shaw
SOLD TO:   Phoenix School Early Act Club
SOLD BY:   Betsye Sargent

Oscar Pagent was visiting from the Topsfield Club.
Scott Booth, a local photographer, was a guest of Kathie Strout.

Joanne Scott announced that the Rotary Polar Plunge now has an official rescheduled date of April 11th
Bruce Whear attended the Salem Film Festival.
Brenda Smith told us her heart-wrenching story about her dog, Hank, and the 4-man crew needed to load him in the car.  Hank has a torn ACL and will need surgery.
Scott Grover announced that his son proposed to his girlfriend over the weekend.
Dick Moore just got in from 5 weeks in Marco Island, FL.  Dick has also been in the club for 40 years as of this month.
Mark Leavitt paid a fine for skipping the invocation and made several announcements about the upcoming auction.  The auction will be on 3/27 so please get any last minute ads, donations, or reservations into Mark or Claudia.  Also, please bring bottles of wine to the next couple of meetings for the wine auction.
John Neely recently arrived home from spending time in Sedona and is off on another trip to South Africa.  John’s cottage made the cover of North Shore magazine solidifying John’s new rank in society.
Viktoria Talebian thanked all of the participants an last week’s Life Bridge dinner.  She also announced that the club will be hosting a Senior Citizen Prom on 4/9.  Please see Viktoria for volunteer opportunities.
John Fisher was in Chicago for an ADA conference.
Chris Casey asked that we help support the (very delicious) homemade pasta shop down at 84 Derby Street.  Open till 7pm on weekdays.


The Lifebridge dinner was again a great success!

The Rotary Auction will be held on March 27th.  There will be a special tribute to Juli, who will be leaving for the west coast.
The ad book, that is bigger than ever,  is almost done.  About 8 to 9 Rotary members have purchase a table.  Please bring in wine, a raffle ticket, and/or bottle of scotch.
Claudia hopes people are putting ads in the auction book!
Patty Pace announced we are having a Spring dance for seniors on April 9th.  Ken Rothwell will be catering the event, and Dave Eng will provide the flowers.
Because Gloucester is using the beach for snow disposal, the Polar Plunge has been rescheduled again to April 11th.
The Polar Plunge will be held on April 11th, 2015 in Gloucester.  Please see the flyer for all the information.  Polar Plunge 2015

No birthdays this week.

This week's speaker was Mike Stare of Spectrum Fitness.

The club was kicked into shape this week by professional personal trainer, physical therapist and national lecturer, Dr. Mike Stare.  Mike is the director and owner of Spectrum Fitness and runs his successful studio out of the Cummings Center in Beverly.  Mike is one of the busiest guys in fitness as he also practices physical therapy and travels to three new cities across the country every month lecturing other clinicians on proper treatment and lumber spine disorders.
It’s clear that Mike trains for results.  He showed us video of a 90 year old client crushing pushups and several other highly successful clients that have dropped weight and body fat percentage.  The statistics that we all were shown do not lie. Hard work and high intensity will provide results, even for folks that are already in the gym 4+ days per week.  It seems that the Spectrum Fitness motto is "quality not quantity."
Mike’s enthusiasm for his work is contagious and I hope you will all spend some time seeing if Mike can help improve your wellness.  Find out more at

The speaker for next week, March 17th will be Randy Burba. Randy will speak about his service trip.
Upcoming speakers:
  • March 24th - Linda Saris from LEAP for Education
  • March 31st - Alyse Barbash from Haven for Hunger
  • In the spring, the Mayor will make her yearly visit to update us on what is happening in the City.
  • May 12th - Scholarship awards will be held at the PEM, East India Room

Please email all announcements to be added to The Spoke to by noon on Wednesday.  Also, feel free to contact any of the committee members listed below.

Committee Chairperson and Editor:  Dave Wescott
Photographer:  Trip Mason

Committee Members:  Patrick Langmaid and Joanne Scott