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50-50 RAFFLE
Pot size:  $250.00
Winner:  Patty Pace and John Neely had the raffle numbers, but there was no winner.

SOLD TO:  Dewayne Whitehead
SOLD BY:  Dick Lutts

Beth Tobin was a guest of Adria Leach.

Mike McLaughlin said that Mary Ann Lyons is resting at home comfortably, and sends a "Hello!" to all the Rotarians.
Mark Leavitt spoke to Mary Ann this morning.  She is anxious to get back to Rotary!
Bruce Whear acknowledged Tim Clarke for helping him get a holiday gift.
Randy Burba said his family went on a trip to Jamaica.
Jason Consalvo said the Patriots are the #1 seed in the AFC.  He is confident in a win on Saturday!
Rob Lutts is now a Trustee at Salem State, joining Jake Segal and following in the footsteps of Jane Stirgwolt.
Dick Moore recommended that we do a John Quinn scholarship similar to Buck and Salty.

Viktoria has collected $8,800.00 in sales from calendars so far.
The Rotary Auction will be held on March 27th.  There will be a special tribute then to Juli, who will be leaving for the west coast.
The Polar Plunge will be held on January 31, 2015 in Gloucester.  Please see the flyer for all the information.  Polar Plunge 2015
Last year our club achieved 100% participation with our donations to the Rotary Foundation.  As you know, Rotary International uses the funding for great causes throughout the world, and in three years, 50% of your donation comes back to our district to be invested in local causes through the district grant process!
You can make a donation in three ways:
  • Bring in payment next week and note it is for a donation to the Rotary Foundation
  • Ask Patty Pace or Tim Clarke to send you an invoice for this contribution
  • Go online and make a payment directly:

No birthdays this week.

Larry Ramdin, Salem's Health Agent since 2011, was this week's speaker.  Larry has 35 years in public health.
Larry has degrees from North Eastern and Framingham State.  Suzanne Doty, also visiting, is a public health nurse in Salem. She has a degree from Salem State.
Larry talked about the flu and the Ebola disease, and the differences between the two illnesses, signs and symptoms, and prevention.
Ebola is a virus sporadically occurring in some African countries.  It is spread by contact with bodily fluids.  The virus has a 21 day incubation period.  People that come in contact with with objects that have been contaminated with the bodily fluids of a person sick with Ebola are at risk of getting the disease.  Ebola cannot be spread in the air or by water or food.  People with Ebola cannot spread the virus until symptoms appear.  Practicing good person hygiene by the washing of hands, and by not coming in direct contact with items that may be infected, are two ways to prevent getting the virus.
Influenza A(H3N2) is a common contagious respiratory illness caused by a virus.  It is different than a cold.  The flu can be spread by people when they cough, sneeze, or talk.  It is recommended to keep 6 feet away from anyone with the flu.  If one has the flu, it is advised to stay at home, as the illness can be spread 24 hours before seeing symptoms, and from 5-7 days thereafter.  Again, practicing good hygiene by the washing of hands with soap and water is a good preventative measure.  Also, this year's flu vaccine is recommended  to prevent Influenza A and B.  There are over 100 strains of the illness circulating at any one time.  Tamiflu, a prescription drug, may be given by your doctor to keep the symptoms of the flu under control.
Is it the Flu or Ebola?
The topic, What happens in your business if everyone gets sick? was discussed. Do you have a policy about staying home if an employee is ill?  Can your staff work from home if needed? You can search for an impact analysis on your business.
Some other health issues talked about were inspections at local establishments.  In Salem, restaurants are inspected twice a year, as many health issues revolve around personal hygiene and the handling of food.  Another local concern is littering, as it is a common health issue.

Please email all announcements to be added to The Spoke to by noon on Wednesday.  Also, feel free to contact any of the committee members listed below.

Committee Chairperson and Editor:  Dave Wescott
Photographers:  Trip Mason and Juli Lederhaus

Committee Members:  Patrick Langmaid, Juli Lederhaus, Joanne Scott and Amy Delaney