50-50 RAFFLE
Pot size:


Erin Schaffer was a guest of Deb Greel.
Dan Hoffenberg was a guest of Rinus Oosthoek.
Joe Amico was a guest of Dick Lutts.

Mark Leavitt requested that club members solicit auction items for the big event!  Also, this year will feature Scotch, Wine, and Cigar auctions.
Bruce Whear will be traveling to Columbia with his wife.  Bruce asked that we all pool together some ransom funds just in case.
Viktoria Talebien announced that she is a new aunt, that she is celebrating 13 years in business, and that the Life Bridge dinner last week was a big success.
Joanne Scott told the club about the district Polar Plunge that will be at Long Beach in Rockport on 1/31.  Joanne, Paul, Jeff, Patrick and David have all committed… Please put your suits on and come join!
Rich Eisner proudly told the club that his son scored his first hockey goal as a middle school player.
Jason Consalvo paid a fine for the Patriots come back (double come back!) victory over the Baltimore Ravens to reach the AFC Championship game.

The Rotary Auction will be held on March 27th.  There will be a special tribute to Juli, who will be leaving for the west coast.
The Polar Plunge will be held on January 31, 2015 in Gloucester.  Please see the flyer for all the information.  Polar Plunge 2015
Last year our club achieved 100% participation with our donations to the Rotary Foundation.  As you know, Rotary International uses the funding for great causes throughout the world, and in three years, 50% of your donation comes back to our district to be invested in local causes through the district grant process!
You can make a donation in three ways:
  • Bring in payment next week and note it is for a donation to the Rotary Foundation
  • Ask Patty Pace or Tim Clarke timfclarke@aol.com to send you an invoice for this contribution
  • Go online and make a payment directly:  https://rotary.org

Happy birthday to Liz Bradt on January 14th!

We had a very eye opening program this week presented by Darin Detwiler of Stop Food Borne Illness, an organization that prides itself on being “Your voice for food safety.”
Sadly, Darin lost his son in the Jack-in-the-Box E.Coli outbreak in 1993.  Darin’s son was one of several children that lost their lives in the Pacific Northwest during this outbreak.  The Jack-in-the-Box incident opened the national conversation, partly led by Darin, which had not been covered much in the media or backed by any awareness organizations.  In fact, not much had been written on the topic since the 1906 book called “The Jungle”, which ultimately lead to the Pure Food & Drug Act.
In today’s world of mass food production and transportation outbreaks, re-calls, illness, and even death have happened in as many as 40 states at once.  The CDC reports that 48 million Americans become ill every year because of food and nearly 3,000 annual deaths are reported.  This equates to 8 food related deaths per day… a very serious issue!
Darin’s organization is pushing for a Safe-Handling labeled to be required on some foods and have successfully pasted the first food safety legislation in 70 years.
Please read more about Darin and his mission at www.stopfoodborneillness.org