50-50 RAFFLE
Scott Grover and Bill Henning had the tickets, but there was no winner.

  SOLD BY:  Adria Duijvesteijn
  SOLD TO:  Gabriella Fajardo


-Jane Stirgwolt spent the weekend visiting her daughter Anna.
-Rob Lutts announced the dedication of the Cabot Wealth Management Lab at Salem State University.
-Kara McLaughlin enjoyed a weekend away with her husband John at Castle Hill.
-Leslie Levesque thanked the Club for supporting the Change to Change Lives initiative of the Phoenix School students.
-Jason Consalvo told a story about a noisy skeleton decoration his son purchased.
-Matt Ingram announced that he proposed to his girlfriend and she accepted.
-Rinus announced the parade this week and other seasonal events.
-Gerrit Bradley traveled to Pennsylvania for a memorial service for his wife’s uncle.
-Randy Burba traveled to UVM to visit his daughter.  He also reminded the Club about sponsorship opportunities for his Jamaica trip.
-Viktoria Talebian thanked all those who helped with Sips and Starters.
-Joe Amico announced that a Legend of Sleepy Hollow storyteller will be at Tabernacle this week.

-Jason Consalvo introduced our newest member of the Club, Allie Haydock, who is the Development Director at Citizen’s Inn in Peabody.
-President Mike announced a successful Sips and Starters fellowship event last week.  He also announced that John Neely sends his regards to the Club and is recovering well from recent surgery.
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Happy birthday to the following October birthdays!
Jane Stirgwolt - October 2nd
Ann Richardson - October 6th
Bob Conley - October 11th
Jim Bailey - October 15th
Randy Burba - October 21st
Tim Clarke - October 23rd
Claire Kallelis - October 27th

Amy Luckiewicz from the District was the speaker.  She spoke about the status of the efforts to eradicate the disease of Polio, informing us that there were only three countries where the disease was still active.  Those countries are Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan.  However, she also reported the reported cases of Polio this year are on the rise. 
Amy then spoke about the Polar Plunge scheduled for February 29, 2020.  This will be the 10th year of the Plunge and so far it has raised $814,952.81.  The goal is to reach $1,000,000.00.  Amy offered a variety of suggestions on how to raise money for the Plunge and she introduced Matt Ingram who will be the point person in our Club for the fundraising effort.  Our goal has been established at $1,500.00.