50-50 RAFFLE
Pot Size:  $1,002.00
Scott Grover and John Walsh picked cards, but there was no winner this week.

  SOLD BY:  Jane Stirgwolt
  SOLD TO:   Jim Robinson

Glen Niemy, a possible new member referred by the District Governor, was a guest.

-Chris Casey traveled to Las Vegas to play in a pro-am golf tournament.
-Matt Ingram traveled to Florida with his fiancée and they decided to get married there.
-Jane Stirgwolt traveled to Nashville and met a country music star who bought her lunch.
-Leslie Levesque announced a wine tasting fundraiser for the Phoenix School at the Adriatic on December 4th.
-Randy Burba described his annual mission trip to Jamaica to provide dental care.

-President Mike reminded the Club members about the Christmas party at his home on December 6th and the DSF Christmas party on December 7th.
-Tim Clarke explained the new arrangements for volunteering to support the backpack program.
-President Mike announced that $500.00 had been collected last week and donated to the North Shore Moving Market to purchase turkeys.
-Mike also announced that on December 3rd we will recognize long-time member Dick Lutts.
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Happy birthday to the following November birthdays!
David Wescott - November 10th
Rob Lutts - November 16th
Bill Henning - November 23rd
Charity Lezama - November 24th
Marie Cardillo - November 25th
Chris Casey - November 27th

Beth Debski, the Executive Director of the Salem Partnership, was our speaker of the week. 
She described the purpose and membership of the partnership and several areas that the group intends to focus on in the coming years.  These include creating sustainable financing support for the Friendship, promoting a new south Salem train station, encouraging the development of new housing opportunities, and developing new approaches to transportation issues.

11/26 -The Salem/Beverly Rotary Clubs will meet at the Hawthorne Hotel for our annual Thanksgiving meeting accompanied by the football captains, cheerleaders, coaches, and various local officials. Plan to join us for this fun meeting and most excellent Thanksgiving feast!
12/3- Please join the Rotary Club of Salem in tribute and to recognize the longtime membership of Dick Lutts who joined the Rotary club in 1978, and spent 41 years as a member. Dick has been an asset to the club and now, having moved out of Salem and for personal issues, has left the club.