50-50 RAFFLE
Pot Size:  $00.00

    SOLD BY:  Scott Grover
      SOLD TO:  George LaMontaigna

Jeff Schwartz was a guest of Rinus Oosthoek.
Mistral Dodson and Lucia Coale were guests of Leslie Levesque.
Russ Tanzer was a guest of Tim  Clarke.
Mariana Suiu was a guest of Liz Bradt.
Marlene Warner and Amy Brimicombe were guests of Leanne Schild.

Gerrit Bradley spent time with his parents in Florida.
Kara McLaughlin marched in Naples on St. Patrick's Day.  She said her son is home from college and her daughter was in an Imagination competition.
Viktoria Talebian said she is taking her son, Will, to Taco Lupita for his 18th birthday.  They are going to the University of Indiana next week for a college tour.  She also said they have received 7 bottles of scotch and 6 bottles of bourbon for the auction.
Liz Bradt said she had a good time at Dutch Drinks.
Tim Clarke is celebrating the 50th anniversary of buying Waters & Brown.  He met with his uncle in Phoenix to share memories.
Trip Mason visited Deb in Florida and everyone went to the rodeo.
Jason Consalvo said Harrison's 2nd grade report card was good.
John Fisher is in Florida playing golf with Mark Shaw.
Bill Henning will be away for a couple of weeks going to Barcelona and Rome on vacation.
Rinus Oosthoek said the Salem Film Fest is coming up!

There will be a Rotary training event in Wakefield on April 27th.
The Walk for HAWC is on April 28th.
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There are no birthdays this week.

Chip Tuttle, CEO of Sea Grass Retail, was the speaker this week, and spoke to us about the cannabis industry.
Chip is a Salem native. He went to St. John's Prep, was a reporter for the Salem News, and was a bartender at the Grapevine.  He was also the COO of Suffolk Downs, and worked at CTT advertising firm.  He has a wife and 3 children.
On the 2012 ballot, 63% of the vote favored legalizing medical marijuana.  It is currently legal in 33 states.  When Chip was at CTT, he worked on the "no" side of legalizing marijuana for recreational use.  The City of Salem voted 60% for/40% against.  In 2016, question 4 passed in Massachusetts.
Sea Grass Retail will be located at 3 Dodge Street in Salem, and they will have another location on Rantoul Street in Beverly.
Sea Grass is trying to make the industry as green as possible.  Products will come in pre-packaged units, ready for sale.   Sea Grass will contribute $50,000 a year to Salem Sound Coastwatch to promote and help them.
The products are taxed at 17% by the state, with a municipal tax of 3% totaling 20% in tax revenues.  There is the 3% contribution to the city, plus a 1% contribution to the city transportation fund, along with a $100,000 annual charitable contribution to the CDC, the health center on Congress Street, and Salem Sound Coastwatch.  MA has targeted a $1.5-2.8 billion dollar a year revenue.
Clients must be 21 years of age to purchase cannabis products.  The locations are designed to resemble premier retail shops, with plenty of help, working to create a shopping experience for the 21+ customer.  Currently, usage is 60% flower and 40% vapes, beverages, edibles, etc.  Other states are moving closer to a 50/50 margin on sales.
Chip said that Salem and Lynn have the opportunity to be a hub of the cannabis sales in the state.

Next week, Claire Kallelis will give her classification speech.
Sen. Joan Lovely will be the speaker on April 30th.  The meeting will be a joint event with the Salem Chamber of Commerce.