50-50 RAFFLE
POT SIZE: $1,913
WINNER:   There were no pot winners. Joe Amico and Jane Stirgwolt had the winning numbers, however neither of them picked the winning card to large applause and the pot will continue to grow.

    SOLD BY:  Nick Arano
      SOLD TO:  Brittany Zani

Mike McLaughlin had three Salem High students from the Rotary Youth Leadership weekend present to us:  Kira Pinkham, Kaitlyn Dionne, and Christopher Barnes.
Each student spoke about how they overcame their nervousness and bonded with the “families” of other leaders during their stay at Camp Glen Brook in Marlborough, NH.

Bob Conley plans to pay an undetermined fine for leaving his button at home for over a month. He also had a fun trip to St. Martin with his wife.
Chris Casey returned from visit to his daughter who is living in Madrid, Spain.
John Neely is a grandfather again! His daughter Abbey gave birth to Theo.
Tim Clarke went to his 40th High School reunion and was excited that 25 out of 200 male classmates (up from 10) attended.

New members elected to the Board are:
  • Joe Amico
  • Tim Clarke
  • Scott Grover
  • Leslie Levesque
  • Claire Kallelis
The senior dance will be held on May 30th.
June 4th is the Scholarship luncheon.
June 5th is the Lifebridge dinner.
Monday, June 10th is the Spring reading at Horace Mann School.
Change for Change will be collected on June 11,2019.
On June 11th the Salem Boys and Girls Club will hold a "Taco Night."  We will have committee meetings during the meeting that day.
On the 18th there will be a state of the city presentation.
Incoming President Mike McLaughlin will have his installation dinner on June 21st at the Kernwood Country Club.
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Happy birthday to our May birthdays!
Kathie Strout - May 1st
Jeff Holloran - May 4th
James Lister - May 8th
John Walsh - May 14th
Patty Pace - May 27th

Julie Arrison-Bishop gave her classification speech.  She is currently Special Projects Manager at the House Seven Gables.  She talked about the winding road which she took to get to where she is now.
As a child, her love of history and museums intersected.  She showed old photos that her mom had saved of her on a field trip to Storytown Village, and acting as a junior volunteer at the Holyoke Children’s Museum.  Her parents made it a point to take Sunday drives.  She still remembers the smell of the blacksmith shop at Plymouth Plantation as the smith pounded out nails for both her and her sister. The drives even went as far as Ellis Island where Julie could see the names of her Lithuanian grandparents in their archives.
Originally she thought teaching was what she wanted to do, but time spent with young children, high schoolers, and middle schoolers convinced her otherwise. That necessitated a shift during college and a shot at the service industry career through Chili’s arose, but working hours at odds with those of her friends left her seeking something new.
Volunteering with the Olmsted Association and Franklin Park Coalition she pursued her passion for history, even publishing an "Images of America" book with collected historical photos of Franklin Park.
These experiences led her to pursue graduate studies in public history at Northeastern University.  An internship at the Thornton Burgess Society was exciting and fed into a job at the Massachusetts Historical Society...a fantastic collection second only to perhaps the library of Congress.  Julie urged us all to visit.
An opportunity arose on the North Shore, and reluctantly at first she became site manager for Historic New England, but now she doesn’t want to leave the North Shore to even visit friends!
And finally, she has an ocean view and gets to help with the mission at the House of the Seven Gables, including disaster preparation (historyabovewater.org).