50-50 RAFFLE
Pot Size:  $389.00
David Wescott and John Walsh had the tickets, but there were no winners.

         SOLD BY:  Tim Clarke
            SOLD TO:  Sandra Wedgewood

Fataoumata Diallo, Rotary scholarship recipient, was a guest.

Nicole McLaughlin, of Plummer Youth Promise, mentioned they held a great event over the weekend – their 6th Annual Paddle for Plummer fundraiser.
Mark Shaw was in town and put on his softball manager's hat. While waiting for the other team, it looked like they would forfeit, until our team forfeited first. On Wednesday the 17th the softball cookout is at Danversport Yacht Club and all are welcome.
Dave Wescott is looking for volunteers to help with DCF picnic on August 8th at 6PM. A signup  sheet is going around now.
Both Bill Henning and Mike McLaughlin recognized Chris Casey and his wife’s hosting of the Friends Forever picnic last week. Around 15-20 Rotarians and the Casey’s children and their friends interacted with the very lively Friends Forever group from Israel.
Jason Consalvo mentioned the passing of his 81 year old grandmother who was married 62 years to his grandfather who survived her.
Bruce Whear spoke of processing his dad’s passing, and now that both his parents have passed he is coming to terms with being the ‘older generation now.’ He also had a fairly legitimate excuse for not shaving – something about being a criminal.
Mike McLaughlin applauded the first Dutch Drinks of his administration with fifteen attendees taking up 4-5 tables at Casa Tequila.

Kathleen Corcoran was introduced as a new corporate member from the Peabody Essex Museum. She is the Director on Institutional Giving. “Woe to those who don’t sign her book!”
Ryan Gilmartin turned in his red badge for a blue badge to become a full-blooded Rotarian. Congrats, Ryan.
Fataoumata Diallo came to lunch to accept her Rotary Scholarship. She plans to attend Thomas College in Waterville, Maine to study law and business.
Trip Mason is moving to Brunswick, Maine and Mike is planning a recognition/sendoff for him on August 6th.
Let's have a great turnout on this date. Pass the word to those that infrequently attend or perhaps now hold an honorary or senior membership to attend on this date to wish Trip the best with his future plans. Have a good Trip story? Please plan to share with the club.
Bruce Whear is looking for an Event Captain and volunteers for a Lifebridge event that is moving to a date TBD in August.
Mike reminded the group that he is hoping some of us can donate to the DCF cookout to defray costs of the BBQ and the two bikes we’ll be donating.
Adria Leach put together a nice slideshow to commemorate the work of Rinus during his Presidency last year.
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Happy July birthday to:
Gerald McCarthy - July 1st
Roberta Cantor - July 9th
Joanne Scott - July 9th
Rick Jackious - July 14th
Jacob Segal - July 25th
Christopher Wolforth - July 29th